Pro Bono

Caldwell Leslie & Proctor places a strong value on service to the community and fully supports the numerous and varied pro bono projects its lawyers take on. In the last few years alone, the firm’s dedication to pro bono work has been recognized by some of the largest public interest organizations and legal organizations in the nation.

We encourage our lawyers to lend their time and expertise to the wide array of causes that are important to them, to the firm, and to the community. The firm attaches to pro bono cases the same significance and resources as it does for all other cases it handles—whether for a complicated appellate matter or the representation of an individual who needs direct legal services. For newer attorneys who want to take on pro bono projects, more experienced attorneys at the firm provide the needed support and guidance to ensure that the client is receiving top-notch legal services. Our attorneys gain invaluable experience trying cases, conducting hearings before administrative agencies, and arguing before state and federal appellate courts.

Just as the firm’s litigation practice is broad in scope, so is our pro bono practice. Our pro bono matters run the gamut from impact litigation to direct legal services, in a wide variety of substantive areas. As a result, Caldwell Leslie has achieved outstanding results for its clients and contributed to a number of precedent-setting decisions. Please contact Andrew Esbenshade or Albert Giang for additional information about Caldwell Leslie’s pro bono practice.