Appellate Litigation

Caldwell Leslie & Proctor’s appellate practice is diverse and distinguished. We represent clients in all state and federal courts, including in the United States Supreme Court.

Our firm has been retained as appellate counsel by major corporations, municipalities, and industry leaders to achieve precedent-setting results in a wide variety of cases, including constitutional, criminal, regulatory, environmental, intellectual property, and other complex and significant matters. Our appellate client base is as impressive as it is broad, including Shell Oil Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Southern California Edison, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as small businesses and individuals in matters against the government. We are frequently hired to handle appeals in matters for which we were not trial counsel.

Virtually all of our attorneys are former federal judicial law clerks, and more than one-third have clerked on a federal appellate court. We blend the sophisticated analysis and superior writing of appellate specialists with the strategy and efficiency that only a trial-experienced litigation boutique can offer. We help clients at any and every stage of litigation, including:

  • Anticipating appellate issues and building a favorable appellate record during trial
  • Prevailing on writs and post-verdict motions
  • Preserving successful trial outcomes
  • Parachuting in as appellate counsel to overturn unfavorable trial rulings
  • Representing amicus curiae parties seeking to shape the law on appeal

Please contact Michael R. Leslie or Albert Giang for additional information about Caldwell Leslie’s appellate practice.