Professional Liability

For years, top national law firms and their lawyers have turned to Caldwell Leslie & Proctor to defend them against legal malpractice and similar claims arising out of the attorney-client relationship. We understand the complex legal, ethical, and reputational issues involved in professional liability claims, and have been extremely successful in resolving disputes, often at the pleading stage or before a lawsuit is even filed. We also represent lawyers, their clients and other opposing parties in litigation where courts are considering disqualifying or sanctioning lawyers, and in state bar disciplinary proceedings. And as a testament to how we are viewed by the judiciary, we have represented sitting judges in various proceedings.

Our extensive experience representing both defendants and plaintiffs in professional liability cases gives us a deep understanding of the issues and a unique perspective that informs our strategy and helps us analyze the strengths and weaknesses of any case.

For additional information about our professional liability practice, please contact Christopher Caldwell.